To watch a movie

2022-11-30 03:26:00

To watch a movie, you must know what a "director's edited version" is. No matter how shocked you feel at the cinema, only after you have seen the "director's edited version" will you know what a real movie is.

1. Brave Heart


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Type: plot/action/biography/history/war (1995)

This is a solemn and stirring epic with blood and tears. In 1996, he won five awards, including best film and best director, in the 68th Academy Awards. The film is adapted from the real events in Scotland at the end of the 14th century. William Wallace, the hero of the story, not only has a real person, but also his heroic deeds make him a national hero in Scotland.

In today's film world, where entertainment films are flourishing and technical films are blindly pursuing entertainment, excitement and high box office, they are bold and innovative, using historical themes of heavy depression, melancholy and indignation, bringing the great historical event of the Scottish people's uprising in the 13th century to the screen, and winning the title of epic blockbuster for the film with magnificent momentum. In the film, we saw the mountains, forests and villages in Scotland, the sad bagpipes and the shrill cry of Scottish people against the pain of poverty. People felt the real life and history. At the same time, Mel Gibson acted as a director in addition to playing the leading role, and he did not neglect people's appreciation psychology in the structure of the film. In the battle of sword light, sword shadow and iron blood, there is a tender love theme, which makes people feel the soul stirring iron blood tenderness of the heroic legend. This has undoubtedly made a greater market for historical films of ancient costume.

2. Bin Xu


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Type: plot/action/history/war/adventure (1959)

Please forgive me that I can hardly describe this film in my own barren language. This is the greatest epic film in history. In the 1950s, Hollywood was full of ancient costume epic blockbusters that had been popular for 10 years. The commercial intentions of filmmakers for quick success and instant benefit and great success can be seen at a glance. Ben Hur, the 1959 film, can be called the peak of this huge film craze, and it also declared the end of this huge film era.

Since the silent film era, Ben Hur -- The Story of Christ has been put on the screen several times. And Ben Hur, which was funded by MGM and directed by William Wheeler, has a magnificent scene and momentum. Its excellent dialogue, colorful exotic atmosphere and Heston's rough line performance complement each other, and is considered to be the most successful one. At the 32nd Academy Awards, the film won a total of 11 awards, setting the highest record in the history of the Academy Awards. This record was not equalled by Titanic until 1997, and then there was Lord of the Rings 3.

When talking about the artistry of the film, director William Wheeler said that the shooting of the film was a "defensive assault" on television. Compared with television, it fully showed the advantages of the film, such as grand scenes, numerous characters, strong camera movements and broad pictures.

In a word, the success of Ben Hur is regarded as a miracle in the film history. It not only brings huge profits to its production company, but also brings new ideas and new ways for the film industry, and makes the film in the late 1950s come back to life.

3. Lawrence of Arabia


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Type: plot/biography/adventure (1962)

The name of this movie may not even exist in the memory of ordinary people, but the more experienced fans will not be unfamiliar with it. This is a grand epic film based on real people and events in history. This play is an ingenious combination of fact and art. It is loyal to reality but beyond reality. It creates various images and emotions, which are more intense and stimulating than Lawrence himself. This is a really great thriller. The film's directing technique and photography are extremely excellent. It not only shows the magnificent battle scenes, but also analyzes the inner world of historical characters. It successfully portrays an adventurer who is humble, unpredictable, bold, and dominated by vanity and lust. This film won seven awards, including the 35th Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director.

4. The Kingdom of Heaven


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Type: plot/history/war (2005)

After the film was released, it suffered a box office fiasco. People jokingly said that the director had paid a tuition of 140 million yuan for Orlando Bloom. However, when the extended version of the film's director DVD was released, people were surprised to find that the original culprit was the film distribution company. They cut a classic into a bad film. We were lucky that there was a director's editing version. To put it another way, if you want to see it, go to a director's edited version instead of a cinema version. (A masterpiece destroyed by capital)

5. Gladiator


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Type: plot/action/adventure (2000)

The era of epic blockbusters in the 50-60s of the 20th century has long passed away, and the story of the golden battle and the sword has been forgotten by most audiences. The director Ridley Scott returns to this theme, reappearing the magnificent ancient Roman arena on the screen, and telling people a story about courage and revenge.

Apart from the ideological content, the fight scenes in this film are really new. Most of the previous processing methods used real panorama, while this film shows the details of waist cutting, head flying and plasma soaring with quick flash close-up. This MTV style quick cut and quick cut enhances the visual shock. The protagonist played by Crowe is not short of the impulsion of his Australian compatriot Gibson when he was young. His anger erupts from his heart, which can make full use of his emotional temperament. Fenix made a deep excavation of the character potential of Comodos, making people feel his painful and weak side and avoiding the clown like portrayal. The film won five awards, including the 73rd Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Actor.

6. The Ten Commandments


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Type: plot/history/adventure (1956)

The film The Ten Commandments has an unshakable position in film history. It is based on the Exodus of the Old Testament Bible and tells the life of the Jewish prophet Moses (Charlden Heston). After experiencing various tribulations and tests, the Lord granted Moses the "Ten Commandments" and gave Moses strength. Moses led the suffering Hebrews to leave Egypt, cross the Red Sea and rebuild a new life.

The epic film The Ten Commandments, produced by Paramount Film Company in 1956 and directed by Cecil B. Demir, the director who built the golden age of Hollywood, was nominated for best sound effect, best editing, best costume design, best photography, best art guidance, best film, and best special effects at the 29th Academy Awards in 1957. This film is listed as a government collection by the National Film Protection Agency of the United States. It is a classic of film history that cannot be missed.

7. Patriots


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Type: plot/action/war (2000)

Before they became soldiers, they were all members of the family; Before they became legends, they were heroes; Before a country is born, there must be a war for freedom

This is another film with an epic background starring Mel Gibson. The creative staff is strong. The script is written by Rupert Rudy, the screenwriter of Saving Private Ryan, and the director is Roland Imalic of Independence Day and Coolsla. It was a major Hollywood blockbuster of that year.

This film has made great efforts to reproduce the history in a real way. In order to be realistic and present the most original scene, the production team also specially cooperated with the "Smithsonian" organization, which is equivalent to the history museum we often say, specializing in studying and preserving the history and culture of the United States. The director also moved the shooting site to South Carolina, where the Independence War took place at that time, He also rebuilt a town in accordance with the architectural style of the 18th century, and even studied the trees planted in South Carolina, which shows the director's intention.

8. Spartacus



Type: plot/action/biography/history/adventure (1960)

The film describes that the slaves in ancient Rome rose up against the tyranny of the slave owners, launched an uprising under the leadership of Spartacus, and gained freedom. The uprising shocked the ruling group in Rome and intensified the contradictions between the aristocratic and the peaceful factions in the Senate.

When the Spartacus Rebellion faced the three legions under Roman rule, they were outnumbered and tens of thousands of slaves died in battle. He, his wife and 6000 surviving comrades were captured by Kelasu. At the last moment, thanks to Graco's help, the situation changed again.

A victorious and unsuccessful uprising, with grand scenes and realistic war, is worth recalling again and again!

9. 300 Spartans


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Type: Action/History/War (2006)

However, many introductions have been made. When 300 people fight against a million soldiers in the movie, the wonderful battle scenes, the combination of fast and slow scenes, the thick oil painting, the classic lines: "Tonight, we will have dinner in hell together", and the spirit of never say die man

10. "Pressure" Mountain


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Type: plot/action/biography/history/war (2004) watch more Find Movies and TV Series Online read more This is a controversial film, but if Oliver Stone's film is not controversial, it is the most controversial. Despite the controversy of the film, the effects of several battles in the film are extraordinarily lifelike, making people feel as if they are in the scene. The description of Alexander the Great has also jumped out of the previous mode, showing us a new screen image.